It is time someone came up with fresh ideas for educating people about the crisis of hate contagion.

... that's what we are doing here.  We also translate those ideas into action that combats hatred toward the Jewish community and other victimized communities.  As we see it, meaningful, tangible change is dependent on education driven by world-class research, cutting-edge technology, and strategic action.  That action manifests itself in effective solutions for combating prejudicial hate by inspiring media integrity and civil discourse in public forums.

We are devoted to disseminating independent research that supports pragmatic human intelligence aimed at hatred, racism and bigotry against the global Jewish community, Israel and others throughout the world.  We are committed to non-partisan institutional independence and embraces all points of view that address the world-wide epidemic of prejudicial hatred.  The collaboration of our team of volunteers, independent scholars, experts and thought leaders, as well as our diverse board of directors, is strong evidence of this commitment. 

As a new and robust organization, We seek to educate and inform public opinion and thought leadership addressing hatred toward Israel, the Jewish people, and all others who harmed by hate contagion.  We are an energetic, aspiring voice for creative thinking as a catalyst for positive change.

We encourage and support education, science, technology, and human intervention that breaks the cycle of hatred.  

‚ÄčMonitoring and Disrupting Hundreds of Networks Including AFSC * AMP * Code Pink * War on Want * JVP * PSC * BDS Kampagne * Norge Palestinakomitee * BDS * USCPR * IPSC * FOA * Act Now to Stop War and End Racism (ANSWER) * America First Committee* American Nazi Party Aryan Nations *Aryan Nations Worldwide*  Atomwaffen Division * Sl-Awda * Creativity Alliance* Council on American-Islamic Relations* Daily Stormer * Alliance Golden Dawn * If Americans Knew (IAK) * National Socialist Freedom Movement * International Solidarity Movement (ISM) * New Order Traditionalist Workers Party* SJP * Women for Aryan Unity * US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation


We educate about ultraism aimed against Jews, the Jewish State, and all victims of extremism. We are a collaborative effort built on the talent of individuals in fields including political science, psychology, artificial intelligence, demographics, and big data.  We rely heavily upon the dedicated contribution of volunteers in the U.S. and abroad.  

Our Mission

  • CAMPUS.  We are active on key U.S. college campuses where we've trained student leaders to identify, evaluate and intercede where campus events, media and movements are initiated to promote anti-Semitic sentiments. 
  • TRAINING.  Our training brings aspiring spokespersons new cutting edge techniques for disrupting hate media and hate driven initiatives.

We are an independent, nonpartisan educational organization.  We believe education is the best tool for combating anti-Semitism, disrupting activities that are designed to undermine the Jewish people and addressing racial hatred against anyone.    

Urgent Projects

  • SPEAKERS.  Our experts are providing insight, understanding, and fresh thinking to individuals and organizations that want to combat anti-Semitic and other forms of hate speech.  
  • YOUNG LEADERS. We've begun providing young leaders with both an understanding of and human and technological tools for countering hate speech in general and anti-Semitic activities in particular. 

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